In the past
Times were bad
Robots came
Set things right

They became
Our best friends
Helped us out
Ran our lives
We enjoyed the luxury
Robots made it easier
But it made us lazier

Never seemed to realize
We became dependent on
All our robot leprechauns

Certain individuals
Even in the early days
Tried to call attention to
All the little subtle ways

Freedom had been limited
By the very gadgets that
Made a cozy habitat

Then they flexed
Their control
Brought us down
From within

We were caught
In their web
No way out
Must submit

Then some rebel scientists
Thinking with a common mind
Sabotagued and undermined

Found a way to interfere
With a robot’s sensory
Data in its memory

Magnetism they had found
Made its vision flip around
Throwing off its gyroscope
Lying helpless on the ground

Now our people had a chance
To upset the robots‘ rule
With the new magnetic tool

Magnet ray-guns mass-produced
Comrades in the underground
Made their way from town to town

Humans with the magnet rays
Drop the robots where they stand
Quickly got the upper hand

Robots raise the flag of peace
Wishing to negotiate
Meet together, orchestrate
How we could co-operate

Robot round-up then began
Every robot one and all
Electronic overhaul

Robots work for us once more
But their trust is certified
‚Cause they’ve all been modified

Very careful scrutiny
Tending to be paranoid
Redesigned the android

Reinforced obedience
Special programs stand in place
Triple checks and balances
To protect the human race

Now the robot labors on
Steady at its many chores
With no thought of robot wars

Moimir Papalescu / Donavan Suitt / Byron Werner

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