I saw a tin can looking like a human being
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing
You never think he wasn’t real not by a long shot
Synthetic drugs work well for robots

They were invented in the model of a human
Gave them a face like Scary Gary Numan
I began to think that machines have feelings
The way they live in private is not so appealing

They come installed with a solid gold heart
Take them away and tear them apart
Shiver in the dark you’re on a block of ice
Is he gonna talk? it’s just a roll of the dice
Is he gonna make it?

Tossed him away like an old tin can
Left on the street with a bad drug plan
Memory banks are starting to fade
This robot junkie has got something to say
(what’d he say?)

Black market narcotic monkey junk shit pile
Metallic skin split shiny green like Krokodil
They’ll leave your body in a back alley dumpster
Crumpled and broken like a beaten Herman Munster
Help me now.

Soon became broken and hooked on dope

OLD TIN CAN – Stand up again
Now he has spoken there’s always hope.

Music: Moimir Papalescu / Lyrics: Leon Stevenson

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